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A value is a life principle which you hold and which affects your actions, attitudes and behaviours. How your career is aligned with your values has a major impact on your level of satisfaction. Clarifying your values helps you focus on achieving balance in both work and home. The following exercise helps you analyse step by step what your most important values are and how they are aligned with your present activities. Read more about the steps of the exercise.

This exercise takes on average between 15 -25 minutes to complete.

Select values that are most important to you.

Secure and stable employment.
Responsibility for achieving results.
Recognition, respect, praise or acknowledgement for my work.
Wide variety in work tasks and situations.
Freedom to choose when and how I do my work.
Co-operation with other people, sense of belonging, teamwork or collaboration.
Being widely recognised for my expertise.
Status, prestige and visible success.
Being creative, imaginative and inventive.
Investing in close relationships with family and friends.
Maximising my learning and personal development.
Having fun, laughs, time for leisure and pleasure.
High salary, expensive possessions, property.
Contributing to my community or society, helping people.
Being competitive and striving to be the best.
Opportunity to lead or direct a team.
Achievement and sense of accomplishment, feeling productive.
Being organised, creating systematic processes, keeping things in order.
Promoting truth and justice, having integrity in thought and action.
Achieving a sense of peace with myself and the world.
Being loyal, committed and dependable.
Enjoy challenge, adventure, risk and excitement.
Being a pioneer, pushing for change.
Creating things that have beauty or technical elegance.

Add personally meaningful values not listed above